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The benefits of well-kept trees

Trees offer a lot to a landscape. They look good, provide shade, freshen the air, give fruit and absorb noise. With these benefits and more it is no surprise that trees add property value. However, for trees to be at their best they need a little help. MC Green Carpet Lawns is a full service tree company here to make sure that the people of Plano can continue getting the most out of their trees.

Warning signs that your trees need help

The signs of a dead tree are pretty easy to spot (the branches are brittle and lack foliage, the wood is decaying and it has cracks and holes in it) but obviously we want to know the signs for tree issues before it comes to that.

One of the problems when diagnosing trees is that there are many different diseases which affect many different kinds of trees. When you call MC Green Carpet Lawns we will ask you to describe the state of the tree you are concerned about but for now think of these simple symptoms:

The color of the leaves: are the leaves a uniform color? Many tree sicknesses will discolor leaves. Some will change the color to a different shade of green, some brown, some what looks like a white mold or mildew and others will create strange growths on the leaves.

Holes or punctures in the wood: if you find clusters of holes in your trees then you may be facing an infestation. Keep an eye on the tree and see if it has insect activity.

When the people of Plano need help with their trees

MC Green Carpet Lawns can help you with:

  • Pruning
  • Pest and pathogen control
  • Tree removal
  • General care

An owner operated company with no middle men; you get the high quality of service you are looking for with MC Green Carpet Lawns.