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Do you ever feel like you are fighting a never-ending weed problem that keeps you from having the most beautiful yard on the block? If this is the case then MC Green Carpet Lawns is your solution.

We recommend a continual fertilization and weed control program that will provide a green lawn all summer long. By properly applying our fertilizer/weed control products we can ensure the health and beauty of your yard.

Here is how we accomplish this:

Beginning in March, we start with a weed control and "green up" application

Then in the months of April, June, August we provide three applications of fertilization and weed control. In October or November, we believe in getting a head start with a pre-emergent and winter fertilizer.

At MC Green Carpet Lawns, not only can you rely on us for the utmost in professionalism by a team of skillfully trained technicians, but you can also count on us to remain competitive, yet affordable for our industry.

Fee Schedule:

$45 per application

$180 for entire season

To schedule your treatments today, or if you have any questions, please call us at (903)- 864-0298 or email us at: