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Retaining walls are generally used to create an even surface on a slope. A flat area is essential if a person wishes to plant seeds as soil on a slope will easily erode. It also increased the amount of usable space and gives a more structured look to a property.

Retaining walls are also praised for their aesthetic appeal as they can be made from various stones, concrete blocks or wood. Stone walls, also known as rubble walls, give a classic natural appearance as different size stones are used to develop its unique look. Concrete blocks are versatile and sturdy, for retaining walls they are often used to create a smooth clean look and are one of the best materials to use if you wish to have a curve in the wall. Wood retaining walls add richness to a property which only real timber can provide.

No matter what kind of retaining wall you would like built on your Plano property, MC Green Carpet Lawns has the experience and training to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Out hardscape technicians are well-versed in the mechanics of retaining wall creation and are experts at accurately estimating retaining wall projects.

Tiered Retaining Walls for Gardening

MC Green Carpet Lawns can create a tiered retaining wall on your Plano property to enhance its curb appeal and section off a specific area for gardening. Retaining walls can be done in a tiered (stepped) format which leaves pockets for flower beds or vegetable gardens. Furthermore, the tiered garden patches simultaneously direct foot traffic away from your plants and protect against the spreading of disease between beds.

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